• Slim SpacePlus® Ice System
  • Inverter Linear Compressor with 10-Year Warranty
  • Smudge Resistant Stainless Steel Finish
  • SmartThinQ® WiFi Connectivity
  • Smart Cooling System with Door cooling+
  • Counter Depth Design
  • Fit your French door fridge without renovating your fridge alcove. The new 32.7/8" wide Slim French door fridge is designed to fit alcoves 33.5" in width. Provide that seamless premium look to your kitchen with the new Slim French door fridge, while allowing 1/3" on either side for venting. Fast Cooling for Stored Door Items. Air vents located at the front of the fridge direct cool air onto food items stored in the door area. You can adjust the shelf by sliding it back when you are storing tall and bulky bottles or pots. Our innovative icemaker system is built into the fridge door to give you wide open shelf space whilst still allowing for storage on the door. The Ice & Water Dispenser® in this LG refrigerator is one of the tallest around in its class, measuring in at 9.2 inches. From pitchers to pint glasses, finally an ice and water dispenser that can accommodate just about any container.
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